Morning Lavender Therapeutic Shea Butter Souffle’-8oz

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Shhhh… It’s something about the soothing scent of lavender that immediately calms the senses and relaxes the mind. Sink into this smooth Shea butter whipped with nourishing coconut and 100%  therapeutic Lavender essential oil. This gentle blend is designed to moisturize and pamper your body while putting you at ease. 8 oz jar


Lavender–  Natural anti-oxidant, Skin remedy. Used to relieve stress and improve sleep

Coconut Oil– Skin softener, repairs skin and gives it a healthy glow

Shea Butter– Organic and unrefined this Anti-aging butter is rich in Vitamins A & E. Protects,heals, and improves skin’s elasticity

Directions for use:

Triple-whipped for moisture that is light-weight and long lasting. Apply to skin with special attention to rough areas.



(Organic-Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil( cocos nucifera),Organic Olive Oil and/or Sunflower Oil blend,100% Pure Essential Oil)

Caution : Be careful not to use near eyes and open wounds. Discontinue use if irritation occurs


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