SoulPäz Travel Trio Lavender Lullaby


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TSA friendly 2oz each Shea Butter Souffle, Bath &Body Oil, Body Wash. Made with an 100% Therapeutic grade essential oil blend in a blissfully soothing Lavender!


**SOULPÄZ TRAVEL TRIOS*** Each set includes a rich SHEA BUTTER CREAM, natural BODY WASH & a lavish BATH & BODY OIL. Ready to grab-pop in your purse-and keep in your car.🚘 Limited time Soothing and calming  blend made with 100% Therapeutic grade Essential Oil relieves stress and soothes and revitalizes the skin.  As always each SoulPäz collection is *HANDMADE*ARTISANAL*THERAPEUTIC* Stay Summer Ready with a silky ✨✨✨glow !

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